Prestigious Renovations, Making The World A Better Place, One Home At A Time!

Prestigious Renovations LLC started out as a painting company after working for various contractors in the area and watching them take advantage of customers and employees for the sake of profit. I knew I could do a better job for less money, thereby saving customers money and treating helpers the way I want to be treated, a win-win for everyone.

Nothing adds the long-lasting style and elegance of a hardwood floor

Installed and/or Refinished with a 2-Year Warranty, but will last a lifetime..., In Reality, the finish will lasta really long time, because I use the best polyurethane that is made especially for hardwood floors

Add Value to Your Home By Adding A Deck

Have a deck designed the way you dream it, and have it built the way you want it!

Why Just Make Your Kitchen Work, When You Can Have One Made Especially For You

Imagine a kitchen designed and built for especially for you, the way you would like it...

House Painting

Every job receives the the care and attention it needs to get the very best outcome possible for the money. Whether painting inside or outside, I pay close attention to detail and do the very best I can to achieve perfection

Prestigious Construction

I have worked in Construction for 30 years. In that time, I've learned a lot, made some mistakes along the way; this is an ever-changing field, but I've managed to keep up. Follow this link for a portfolio of my work over the past ten years, from building custom homes, to renovating to property preservation, I am ready for almost every challenge

Custom Deck Design, Build, Or Stain

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Contact Me For A Free Professional Estimate:

Contact Me For A Free Professional Estimate:

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