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Prestigious Painting Co


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Prestigious Painting.

Prestigious Painting is owned and operated by me, Keith Gordon. I have been painting for more than twenty years and making other contractors alot of money. I realized a few years ago that I could save people alot of money by doing jobs at cost instead of making a steep profit. My help is happy, I am content, and most of all, my customers are extremely happy with the money they save.

My sole ambition is to provide customers with the most affordable crafstmanship in the area. I work extremely hard to keep my costs below average while keeping our quality above average. Overall, it costs about half of what other contractors charge for Prestigious to complete the same project.

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For those who wish to plan painting projects on your own, I have found the perfect website. Karl Crowder, of Crowder Painting in Colorado Springs, Colorado has answered every question that may arise. Follow this link and have any question answered. - Your Guide to House Painting