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Prestigious Painting- Color

I will be providing more helpful color links soon, until then...

For the best results follow this link, Karl Crowder has done it again... - Your Guide to House Painting

When it comes to paint, quality is almost as differnt as colors. What I mean is, anyone can run right out and get a gallon of flat white paint and paint a ceiling, but when you look at that ceiling against the light, I guarantee you will see streaks. That is because wall paint is different than ceiling paint. The same goes for different grades of wall paint, and different sheens. From flat, to eggshell, to satin and semi-gloss, more expensive doesn't always mean the best; it all depends on the specifications.

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How do you know which paint to buy?...

When you are at the store checking out colors, explain to the salesman what the area is used for and ask what he or she recommends. That way, if you ask your contractor the same question while he is bidding the job, you have the ability to judge his intergrity. I personally recommend Sherwin-Williams ProMar 200 for the walls of interior living space, but that is just a matter of preference.

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For those of you who wish to plan painting projects yourself, I have found the perfect website. Karl Crowder, of Crowder Painting in Colorado Springs, Colorado has answered every question that may arise. Follow this link and have any question answered. - Your Guide to House Painting